What people say…

About Mona

Mona is quite simply the best teacher I’ve ever had! Her warmth and enthusiasm make me feel good before I even start doing yoga – and her understanding of dru is unique.  I’ve been going  to a weekly class with Mona for ten years, and there is still so much to learn; but Mona has an amazing ability to convey what is actually quite a complex science as a series of simple, practical tools. My confidence has grown since doing yoga, and I know how to release tension and relax. Best of all, if I’m feeling low, I can change my mood with simple breathing techniques and movements learned in class which I can do in a few minutes at home.

R. E.   Teacher and writer

Mona is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever come across.  Her knowledge of the muscles and joints and how each movement affects them and how to correct any imbalances so you feel brilliant in your own body, is second to none.

H.A. Yorks

Mona is a fantastic yoga teacher, she has a calm and caring approach to teaching and is very professional. She has a wealth of experience in teaching yoga and you can clearly see she is passionate about her work. Mona has helped me in many ways through her classes, I no longer suffer with backache, I am a lot calmer and less stressed than I used to be and I have become more flexible in mind as well as body.

Michelle, Acupuncturist

Mona is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of experience which she uses to make yoga welcoming, nurturing – and fun! She really tailors her sessions to your needs and is full of helpful suggestions for ways to include more mindfulness and movement into your everyday life. As someone who spends a lot of time hunched in front of a computer screen, I’ve really found these suggestions have helped to minimize physical aches and pains, not to mention the transformation in mood I have experienced! I used to suffer from stress and anxiety, but I find Mona’s yoga classes have really helped me to see life with much greater clarity. Instead of letting everything get on top of me, I do a few of Mona’s stretches and breathing exercises and can enjoy my busy day!

S. A. University Lecturer

About the Dru Yoga Teaching Training Course

I have been coached in  Dru Yoga by Mona Fairholme for almost two years. During that time Mona’s expert skill as a mentor and teaching instructor, has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the physical processes that are required to gain maximum beneficial out comes from Dru Yoga for my own personal wellbeing, both physically and psychologically . Mona’s incredible understanding of  Dru Yoga and her amazing teaching skills together with her dynamism, her  enthusiasm for her discipline and her superb motivational qualities have encouraged me to bring out the best from my Yoga Practice, I am very privileged to have such a tutor.

K. Innes BHsc OT, DMS

Mona is an excellent tutor who teaches responsibly with great enthusiasm and knowledge. Care and safety are her primary concern with her students. She is always available to students who request help and will do her utmost to ensure they succeed in every way. Her friendliness and open honesty makes her real and down to earth. Humour and seriousness is well balanced so that you find yourself never bored and always learning in an exciting and interesting way.

Mona is wonderful and inspiring.

Kari Van Eden  Hands on Healer   Mother & home maker

I am someone who thinks a lot, analyses a lot, worries a lot, and cares a lot. Dru Yoga helps balance these thoughts and emotions with ‘acceptance’, by providing a space to stop, to be, to take notice of the present, and to concentrate on and take care of the physical body which I tend to take for granted. After a Dru Yoga session I feel physically exercised and mentally calm.

C. M.  academic.

In addition to being extremely experienced and skilful, the best thing about Mona is that she modifies the exercises to meet our individual needs.

Mazeena Zaki Home Maker