A very simple and effective technique to release any emotions arising from past experiences which hinder your progress today.

These include fear (rational and irrational), anxiety, nervousness, anger, self-esteem, or confidence issues. E.g fear of flying, bullying in the workplace, weight problems, issues with parents, partners or children.

The technique can also be used successfully to overcome physical pain.

Results are immediate and measurable. The technique involves using pressure points on the body with affirmations thus utilizing the body / mind connection to effectively remove old thought patterns which have created a habitual negative emotional response. Once you have cleared the negative emotional response, you can move forward in freedom.

You no longer need to waste energy on stuff from the past.

I trained with Gwyneth Morris In Ilkley level 1 and 2

The amazing thing about EFT is that once you have understood the process and mastered the technique you can work with yourself any time for any situation where you feel stuck. I can help you help yourself.

My rates are £45.00 for a 90 minute session or £50.00 for a home visit.

Check out the website www.emotional freedom technique.com