How can yoga help?

Rugby and football require particular skills in the world of competitive team sport. They are full contact, high impact game. They require fast reactions excellent co ordination and a great degree of spinal rotation whilst moving forward at speed. The physical preparation necessary involves not only strengthening the whole body but also sharpening the mind to help stay focussed. Each member of the team will have different requirements depending on the position played. These include speed, strength, stamina, accuracy, balance co ordination and flexibility. Players also need to have a very focussed mind set. To take the penalty or drop kick you need to have the ability to bring yourself calmly into the present moment.

Physical preparation

After an individual biomechanical assessment we will look at where we can improve your strength, flexibility and range of movement. We will design a programme tailored to your needs and your body at this moment in time. This programme will be revised if necessary at each meeting. Sport specific yoga will not only enhance your performance, increase your confidence, it will decrease the chances of injury thereby meaning you will always be in good shape to play.

The physical demands for team players

Strong Core Stability

We will introduce you to new ways of doing exercises specifically designed to strengthen core stability muscles.

Good spinal rotation

You will learn movements which will safely increase your ability to rotate the lower and upper spine with strength and confidence.

Strength and flexibility

The limbs need to have the perfect balance betweeen strength and flexibility. Short tight muscles are prone to injury and muscles which are long and weak have no strength and equally prone to injury. We have many postures which will enhance strength in the muscles in the legs and arms and also allowing the muscles to stretch to help prevent injury.

The mental demands for team players

Stay Focussed

Be in the moment. You will be given specific techniques to enable you to be in the zone. Learning how to control the thoughts which do not serve your game. Introducing you to visualisations will increase your confidence and self belief. We can help you become a good team player with a strong team spirit.

Emotional demands for the rugby player

Stay relaxed

We consider breathing properly to be of the utmost importance. For athletes learning specific breathing techniques will make a huge difference to their game. In a short space of time you will learn how controlling the breath can help to increase and strengthen your respiritory power, boost your energy levels, increase your stamina, control pre – match nerves and enhance your performance. We can help you to overcome any fears about tackling so youIt is also the BEST for helping you to relax.

Group Classes

We see learning Sport Specific Yoga as part of your training

We offer group training sessions which will introduce you to the concepts of yoga and the foundation exercises. These will include :

  • Stretching the body to release the tension and increase flexibility.
  • Movements for strengthening certain areas to increase stability
  • Balancing postures to enhance stability, improve control and help injury prevention.
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation
  • Remote coaching schedule

Individual 1–2–1 Sessions

We offer sport specific yoga training on a private 1 – 2 – 1 basis.

The benefit of these sessions is that we can work with you on a more specific, structured way tailoring the session to you individually rather being more general as in a group session. You will have undivided attention and have a programme designed for your needs.

Remedial Yoga and /or Reflexology

Many people suffer from various conditions which can interfer with their game. These range from backache to tight ham strings, asthma to neck tension. We at Yoga for Sport can offer Specific Remedial Yoga, Reflexology, and Massage which may help to alleviate the problems and render you happier, painfree and fitter for you game!