What to expect…

General Dru Yoga classes are held on Tuesday evening Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Classes are held at the newly renovated Studio at the top of my house which is in the town centre of Otley W.Yorks LS21 3HX

  • The room is carpeted so no mats are necessary. It is warm, light and airy.
  • Maximum class size is 14 so you will always get individual attention.

At the studio I have many yoga products for sale. For your home practice, I have  Dru Yoga DVD’s, Dru Yoga books and other related merchandise.

The venue in Otley are very convenient for public transport being a 3/5 mins walk from the bus station. Buses from Harrogate Leeds Bradford and all the local surrounding areas Guiseley, Menston, and Ilkley come through Otley. There is also lots of free parking in the town.  Sainsburys is very close to the studio, so you can do your shopping, park and come to class before or afterwards.

Dru Yoga is a beautiful flowing form of yoga that will help you to relax, unwind and stretch out your body. It can help revive tired muscles, reduce back pain and combat stress. Dru Yoga gives the  body a much needed rest from all the “doing”. It gives the mind a chance to stop and relax, to help you find a quiet still point in your busy world.

I have been teaching Dru Yoga since 1999. I have found Dru Yoga to be deeply transformational and allows me to lead the life I want to live. I have a passion for helping others to do the same, to be the best  they can possibly be.


When and where?

Evening classes

The Studio, Otley Town Centre, W. Yorks LS21 3HX

Tuesday          6.45 – 8.15 pm
Wednesday   7.15 – 8.45 pm

Morning class

The Studio, Town Centre, Otley W Yorks  LS21 3HX

Thursday               9.30 – 11.00 am

Typical class content

Classes run for 90 minutes and may be themed.

I teach in a very practical way. I would like to help you make yoga effective in your everyday life. Dru Yoga is like a tool kit for life experiences and for the emotions. Depending on how you are feeling there is a breath, or a posture or a visualisation that can help transform any negative feelings. Dru enables  you to control your thoughts, be more accepting of life  and be more content!


Lively warming up movements to get the body loosened up and the circulation moving  8- 10 mins.

Energy Block Release Sequence.

One of the foundations of Dru Yoga is  sequences of movements specifically designed to free blockages in the body’s energy system. These blockages may manifest as pain or stiffness so when they clear we have more energy and that energy becomes available to us in our everyday lives. We have 7 Energy Block Release Sequences

Posture/Asana Work

Working on specific individual traditional yoga postures or asanas


Movements which involve using a series of postures  linked together in a flowing sequence (eg sun salutation)

Pranayama (the science of the breath)

We regularly spend some time focusing  on breathing exercises. Strengthening the diaphragm and learning to expand the lung capacity. We teach you to breathe properly and show you how to use the breath effectively to change emotions.

A guided deep relaxation 

At the end of the class you will have  the opportunity to experience a deep relaxation, to allow the benefits of the movements to settle, the energy to flow and leave you feeling refreshed!


At yogainotley we regularly “sit” quietly and focus on the heart.

General Group Classes

Individual session    £12.00
5  Class Passport*    £45.00
10 Class Passport*  £80.00

*Class passports can be used for any class, they don’t have to be used consecutively. A 5  class  passport lasts for 8 sessions  10 class passport lasts for 15 sessions.  You can come twice a week if you like. If you feel you need a concession let me know.

All  classes at ‘yogainotley’ are  taught in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and are suitable for all ages and abilities. I can provide what is needed blankets/ water unless of course you wish to bring your own. Yoga is usually practised in bare feet. When you decide which class you would like to attend please contact me at yogainotley via the website.

A Dru yoga class has something to offer everyone, whether you are new to yoga, new to Dru or you’ve been practising for a while and are looking for an all round healthy work out.

The Dru yoga ethos is that teachers really care about their students, ensuring that they are practising safely and are getting the maximum benefit from the class. We work on the philosophy of “no pain – no pain!” because we understand that pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right. So stop! It is not a competition.

Dru yoga is very inclusive and modifications are offered for all the movements to suit all ages and abilities, so everyone can achieve their best and benefit from the class.

At your yogainotley classes you can expect to:

  • Enjoy Dru Yoga, in a supportive, friendly, non-competitive environment.
  • Keep your back and joints flexible and your muscles strong.
  • Learn breathing techniques to help you to relax, manage stress and control anxiety.
  • You will sleep better, breathe easier and feel better
  • My aim is to promote good health and posture and to empower people to help them to make strong choices in life so they feel better.